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Born in Beirut, on the 13th of April 1945, to an Egyptian family of Lebanese and Syrian origins and with Roman links, she was raised and educated in Paris, first at the "Ecole Alsacienne", a school well known for encouraging artistic activities, then at the Sorbonne. She has been painting since 1973.
Since 1976 she lives in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.

From Human Body to Nature

Michèle Koltz-Chedid grows up in Paris in an intellectual and artistic environment. With her parents, she visits many museums throughout Europe. She especially appreciates classical paintings. When she is adult, she gets aware of the fact that art has become part of herself and she wants to create in her turn. In her eyes, an artist has to produce BEAUTY. Thence, for years, she is taking a special interest in European history of art and especially in the sculptural aspect of painting. Michelangelo, Caravaggio, Rubens, Poussin, Velasquez, Subleyras, David and Ingres are her sources of inspiration. "Like a detective, I was investigating in their paintings male or female bodies which were touching me and which I could make communicate between themselves in my own works." She realizes an enormous work dedicated to human body which she presents in six series, dry pastels all of them. Thanks to the human body she works at, thanks to the harmony of the scenes she depicts and thanks to the frank colours she employs, she conveys this serenity and this appeasement which only beauty is providing.

In 2001, she discovers CHINA and her civilization and she realizes that she is reaching a turning point. The focus in her works shifts.Now, she emphasizes on nature, which is so much present in the huge Chinese territory and in the great Chinese art, in which mankind is just an element. With her magnificent colors, she celebrates Huang Shan Mountain. Painted with the European eyes, her pastels of this so famous Chinese mountain meet a great success in China. She recently had two exhibitions in Beijing , in May and June 2007 together with the Chinese photographer SHI RUO and the Luxembourg photographer Michel MEDINGER and in September 2007 when she took part in a group-show "Landscape" at the "Shinshan Gallery" located in the Dashanzi Art District.

In 2009, she had a solo exhibition in Brussels (BrenArt Gallery).

In 2011, Michèle Koltz-Chedid and Aurélie Choiral have taken in China a serie of photographies, showing the Chinese taking part in a variety of activities within parks. These photographies are being exhibited in several occasions under the title "Les Chinois côté jardins, un art de vivre et de vieillir autrement".

In 2015, 40 photographies have been published in a bilingual book (English and Chinese) entitled "An art of living and aging differntly". This illustrated book is available from the authors but can also be found in a couple of good libraries in Brussels. Site : Les Chinois côté jardins

Contact: michele.koltz@gmail.com

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